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SpamWasher 2.0

The Ultimate Defense Against Spam
  • Stop malicious spam before it reaches your inbox
  • Easy-Import your existing email accounts
  • Friendly Allow Detection Technology
  • One-Click access to filters and settings
  • Explicit and annoying email washer
  • Automatic rules and updates

Buy Now : $ 29.95 Download : 2.18 MB

Why SpamWasher?

   SpamWasher stops spam from reaching your email program, your inbox, or your life.
  • Most people cannot tell the difference between a legitimate email from their bank and a phishing email from spammers and hackers. Phishing emails are becoming the leading cause of identity theft.

  • Most anti-spam programs allow dangerous spam to be downloaded to your email program, and then they filter the offending email to a spam folder forcing you or your family to go though inappropriate content and delete it. SpamWasher won't let spam get that far!

  • SpamWasher features state-of-the-art detection technology which accurately identifies unwanted email before it enters your inbox.

  • SpamWasher knows who your friends are, even if they have never emailed you before by using a unique Allow Detection Technology - Allow email from your trusted friends and block known spam emailers!
Key Features
  • Stop malicious spam before it's too late - Detect and remove dangerous spam or phishing emails before they ends up in your email program and cause damage to your computer or trick you into giving away personal information.

  • Easy-Import and installation - SpamWasher can automatically import your accounts from Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape, Mozilla and Eudora so that no user configuration is necessary.

  • Friendly Allow Detection - Automatically detect and display friends and co-workers email addresses installed on your computer. New friends or friends with new email accounts are automatically detected and allowed on the fly.

  • Explicit Email Washer - Stop spam with explicit language or images from every reaching your computer with SpamWasher's unique inappropriate content filters.

  • Annoying Email Washer - Stop spam with annoying or repetitive subject or body content associated with fake money, finance opportunities, phony health products or wonder cures and sexual enhancer's.

  • One-Click access to filters and settings - Its easy to access preferences and settings at any time! SpamWasher's control window, preferences and other options are accessed through the system tray icon. From there you can access your email, manage your address book and setup user accounts.

  • Multiple account protection - Protect multiple email accounts from spam using the Easy-Import technology

  • Powerful Spam Detection - SpamWasher features state-of-the-art detection technology which accurately identifies unwanted email before it enters your inbox.

  • Wide range of support - Works with any POP3 (standard email) account!

  • Automatic Updates - SpamWasher features an auto-update system which provides automatic updates to your spam detection system to catch new spam email types instantly!
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