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RegCure Registry Cleaner

The Shield Pro

Hide IP Platinum

SpamEater Pro

Perfect Keylogger

Handy Recovery

McAfee VirusScan


The Shield Firewall

East-Tec Eraser

Computer Security Software

InTouch Lock
InTouch Lock Allows you to block access to files, folders, disks, applications, Web, Control Panel modules, IE parameters, Desktop, Start menu and much more. Multi-user and multi-profile support. Built-in scheduler. Event logging. Stealth-mode support. More Details...
Computer Security
Computer Security protects you encrypting sensitive data, hiding it in innocent carriers, allowing safe transfer through encrypted self-extracting package, delete files beyond recovery and even locking application from your children or " welcomed quests". More Details...
Desktop Lock
Desktop Lock is a powerful computer security protection and access control product, it locks your computer to prevent people from accessing your private documents or resources. More Details...
Desktop Lock Express
Desktop Lock Express is a security software that can lock your screen to prevent people from accessing your computer. It is one of the Desktop Lock products family, which provides the major features of Desktop Lock but decrease its size to about 40KB. More Details...
File Lock
File Lock is a security software that can lock and/or hide your files, folders and drives. It can prevent access to any of your files, folders or drives. File Lock also supports to hide files and folders, to make them complete invisible.
More Details...
Folder Security Personal
Folder Security Personal lets you password protect folders and files without it being too much trouble, making it ideal for home use. The interface offers a compromise between security and ease of use.
More Details...
Universal Shield
Universal Shield by Everstrike Software is the ultimate protection tool for your computer - hide files, folders, and drives, and set access rules using flexible security combinations for your most precious data. More Details...
Internet Lock
Internet Lock is an access control software for your internet and intranet connection, it can deny any program to access the internet/intranet on any TCP/IP port. It also can password protect any program and any port to the internet connection. More Details...
Mouse Trap
Mouse Trap is a powerful desktop security tool for Windows 7, Vista, 2000, and XP. It traps your mouse in place and locks your desktop until you enter your password, while disabling system keys like Alt-Tab and Ctrl-Alt-Del to prevent tampering. More Details...
Lock Folder XP
Lock Folder XP is a new security tool that lets you lock your files, folders, and drives with your personal password. Locking folders, files, and drives also effectively protects you from malicious programs, such as viruses, worms, and trojans. More Details...
7tools Password Cleaner
7tools Password Cleaner is an extremely powerful program without any technical boundaries. At the same time, it is so easy in use that even a kid is able to run it . More Details...
Secure IE
Secure IE Make Internet Explorer safer, faster and more secure! Stop Hackers in Their Tracks! Browse Safer and Faster with Secure IE. Use Internet Zones to deny privileges for all but the most trusted sites. More Details...
Window Protector
Window Protector is a security utility that allows the authorized user to add several types and degrees of protection to the desktop and system of a Windows 95/98 computer. Window Protector security measures will allow for the controlled use of any shared Windows computer. More Details...

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