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Popup Blocker Software

POPUP KILLER is used for stopping all annoying pop-up ads windows when you surf the internet. It also blocks Windows Messenger in Windows XP/2000/NT which interfere with your program running. More Details...
Super Popup Blocker
Super Popup Blocker can kill annoying unsolicited pop-up windows,even include unsolicited pop-up windows when you leave site. There's no need to designate particular websites or keywords - it works without human intervention. More Details...
Popup Burner
Popup Burner will help stop annoying pop-up windows which do suddenly appear while you're surfing the internet. it stops Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator Pop Ups. More Details...
#1 Popup Blocker
#1 Popup Blocker is an acknowledged popup killer to block popup ads in Internet Explorer ( IE ), Netscape, AOL Explorer and is a tested software that helps the user to block popup ads in an efficient manner. More Details...
Smart Popup Blocker
Smart Popup Blocker is an anti-popup product that can block 100% annoying popup ads absolutely automatically while never interfere with user's navigation.While It is running, it tells Internet Explorer to stop all unsolicited windows from being downloaded and appearing. More Details...
Pop-Up Stopper Professional
Pop-Up Stopper Professional is the latest in Panicware's award-winning pop-up ad-blocking product line. The only product to provide native support for AOL, MSN, Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera, SBC Yahoo!, CompuServe, WMConnect, Juno, NetZero, Mozilla all in one software package. More Details...
Popup Destructor
Popup Destructor is an acknowledged popup killer to block popup ads in IE 5.0 & above and is a tested software that helps the user to block popup ads in an efficient manner. It maximizes your surfing speed by guarding your system against annoying unwanted popup windows. More Details...
TZ Popup Killer & Ads Filter
TZ Popup Killer & Ads Filter If you are inhabited by pop-up ads and are not happy about those mysterious pop-ups running on your computer while you surf the net and would like to get rid of these unwelcome intruders, then try It which will give you your internet freedom back and bring your system back to normal speed. More Details...
BPS Popup, Cookie & Ad Shield
BPS Popup, Cookie & Ad Shield By intelligently filtering out the annoying and hazardous aspects of browsing the Net (ads, slow surfing speeds, spying cookies), Popup Shield allows you the freedom to experience all the good parts of the Net without being forced to accept the bad. More Details...
AdsCleaner is a powerful ad blocking software designed to stop ads, guard your online privacy. But keep in mind - AdsCleaner is not only an effective ad stopper and pop up blocker, but a very useful, multifunctional tool that can give you much more than any other ad killers. More Details...
PAL Popup Eliminator
PAL Popup Eliminator is the latest in intelligent popup blocking software from PAL Solutions! Popup Eliminator kills and stops ad popups from annoying you and wasting your browsing time on the web. Popup Eliminator features sophisticated popup blocking technology combined with privacy protection tools in a small, easy-to-use package. More Details...
PopupKiller PopupKiller is new, feature-rich and enhanced tool to make your surfing experience more enjoyable and efficient. PopupKiller prevents unwanted, annoying pop-ups containing unsolicited advertisements and messages from appearing while you browse. More Details...

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