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Perfect Ad Block Solutions for Internet Explorer

AdsCleaner is a powerful ad blocking software designed to stop ads (block banners ad, kill popup), guard your online privacy. But keep in mind - AdsCleaner is not only an effective ad stopper and pop up blocker, but a very useful, multifunctional tool that can give you much more than any other ad killers.

Buy Now : $ 24.95 Download: 3.88 MB

AdsCleaner enables you to:
  • Block ads (banners) by black list, by dimension and much more
  • Shrink the area previously occupied by blocked banner
  • Block pop ups (our popup blocker stop only unwanted pop ups)
  • Online privacy. Clear all traces of your online activities (cookies, cache files, history, typed urls, recent urls)
  • Load multiple Web pages with a single mouse click
  • Avoid visiting the same Web pages twice
  • Create personal comments to wb pages you visit
  • Create Web links archive (advanced bookmark manager with ability to search stored links with various parameters)
  • Translate Web pages to your native language online
  • Access your favourite bookmarks faster with the Quick Groups Manager
  • Manage Internet Explorer windows
  • Suspend your browsing session and resume it anytime while keeping all the relevant windows open in their original order
  • Make browsing within a domain more comfortable than you can imagine
Ad killer , pop up stopper and online privacy tool features:
  • AdsCleaner makes it possible to block ads (ad killer abilities).
  • AdsCleaner allows blocking banners, which have specific dimensions (468x60, 88x31, etc).
  • AdsCleaner allows shrinking the area previously occupied by blocked banner. Such a flexible approach to ad blocking guarantees comfortable work with web pages with our ad killer software.
  • AdsCleaner makes it easy to avoid loading graphics from other web sites.
  • AdsCleaner an effective pop up stopper.
  • AdsCleaner allows you to clear all the traces of your web surfing that Windows automatically stores on the hard drive – just with a single mouse-click.
  • Scheduled cleansing of all traces of your online activities.
AdsCleaner tools for most comfortable web surfing:
  • Thanks to its convenient links highlighting feature (strikethrough, color highlighting, pop up hints) AdsCleaner makes it very easy to avoid visiting the same web pages twice.
  • AdsCleaner allows simultaneously loading multiple web pages with a single mouse click.
  • AdsCleaner allows you to create your personal web page comments and set a specific rating for web pages you visit.
  • AdsCleaner allows making snapshots of the web pages you visit.
  • AdsCleaner makes browsing within a domain as convenient as you can think.
  • AdsCleaner allows creating aliases for you favorite Internet addresses.
  • By utilizing the Quick Groups Manager you can easily create lists of frequently visited bookmarks and group them by topic.
Working with bookmarks:
  • With AdsCleaner you can add web pages to different bookmark archive rubrics, while working in Internet Explorer.
  • The neat system of bookmark search allows you to easily access your archive data.
  • AdsCleaner supports bookmark lists and allows you to perform several list operations. For example, you can load combine and save lists, and check them for unnecessary duplicates.
  • AdsCleaner allows you to generate customized reports and import and export either the complete database or any of its parts.
New features when working with Internet Explorer:
  • AdsCleaner allows saving, loading and viewing the lists of currently opened Internet Explorer windows and switching between them in a breeze.
  • AdsCleaner allows you to suspend your browsing session to resume it at any time later on, while keeping all the currently opened windows and their order intact.
Additional AdsCleaner features:
  • By utilizing the online translation feature, you can easily translate any web page that is interesting to you.
  • You can utilize the AdsCleaner voice engine to listen to the content of a web page of your choice.
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