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Mail Snoop Pro 2.15

Anti-Spam/Email Notification
Mail Snoop Pro is an anti-spam and email notification application designed to monitor any number of Pop3/SSL Pop3(secure Pop3)/IMAP/SSL IMAP(secure IMAP) mailboxes, finding and destroying spam without disturbing you and also alerting when there is new mail you need to seel.

Mail Snoop Pro works in the background, connecting to your mail server at scheduled intervals or manually if needed. Each email is quickly scanned against a set of filters, marking or deleting unwanted Spam mail and advising of new mail awaiting your collection.

Buy Now : $ 35.00 Download : 6.68 MB

  • Multiple mailbox support.Copes with any number of POP3/SSL POP3 (Secure POP3)/IMAP/SSL IMAP(Secure IMAP) mailboxes.
  • Powerful filter system.Mail Snoop Pro includes a powerful filter system to help block unwanted spam. Each email is passed through a range of filter sets including sender, subject, message headers, message text, attachment types, country code, before deciding on what action to take - deleting, bouncing, complaining, warning, or always accepting.
  • Friends list. You can add a list of friends email addresses allowing Mail Snoop Pro to always accept email from them. You are also able to import address from an external address book or file.
  • Blacklist. There are some senders you just never want to hear from, you can add those individuals to the blacklist and Mail Snoop Pro will always delete incoming mail from them.
  • Message Archive Whenever possible Mail Snoop Pro keeps a copy of deleted emails in its archive for later review.
  • Network Connection Mail Snoop supports connection to the Internet using Network/Cable/DSL/ADSL connections or by dial-up analog modem. Mail Snoop Pro will handle multiple dialup connections, redialling during a mail check as needed.
  • Scheduled Mail Checks Schedule automatic mail checks on a per-account basis or just check manually at any time
System Requiremnets:
  • Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7
  • A suitable connection to access your Email Server, using either LAN/Cable/ADSL/DSL or modem (Dial Up Networking).
  • 13MB disc space.
  • One or more POP3/SSL POP3 (Secure POP3)/IMAP/SSL IMAP(Secure IMAP) email accounts
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