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Internet Lock 5.0.3

Want to password protect your internet connection? You can use Internet Lock to password protect the internet access. You also can use Internet Lock to deny access to any TCP port, or prevent any program from accessing internet.
Internet Lock is an access control and password protection software for your Internet programs, it can deny or password protect any program and connection from accessing the Internet. Internet Lock works with the "Rules" mode, you can add one or more rules to control programs and internet connections. The format of rules: [Allow/Deny/Password Protect] [Program] on [Port].

Internet Lock allows you to fully control the access to the internet for each program and each port, it also supports schedule features.

For example: the most use rule [Password Protect] [Any Program] on Port [80] will password protect all the web browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, AOL from accessing web sites.

Internet Lock supports to protect port range as "[Allow/Deny/Password Protect] [Program] on [Start Port] to [End Port]".

Buy Now : $ 29.95 Download : 568KB

Help you to control the internet programs and internet connections.
  • Password protect any program from accessing internet.
  • Deny any program from accessing internet.
  • Deny all programs from accessing internet, only allow the programs you specified.
  • Password protect or deny some kind of program from accessing internet by protecting or blocking the special TCP ports, for example: web browsers, email clients.
Password protects any program from accessing internet.
Internet Lock can password protect any program from accessing internet by adding a rule like: [Password Protect] [<Path to Program>] on [Any Port]

Password protects all programs from accessing any special port.
Internet Lock can password protect any TCP port, then all the programs that want to access the protected port will be first asking for password: [Password Protect] [Any Program] on Port [<Port Number>].

Deny programs from accessing internet.
Internet Lock can also deny one or more programs/ports from accessing internet by adding the [Deny] rules.

Easy-to-use wizard.
Internet Lock provides an easy-to-use wizard to help you to protect any programs, it also provides the predefined rule set such as "Password Protect All Web Browsers" etc.

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