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Tauscan is a powerful Trojan Horse detection and removal engine capable of detecting every known type of backdoor that can threaten your system.

It works silently in the background to prevent attack and requires hardly any system resources. Its user-friendly interface, innovative features such as drag & drop scan, right-click scan and Wizard were designed especially with novice users in mind !

Buy Now : $ 29.95 Download : 1.85 KB

Key Benefits
  • Works unobtrusively in the background and prevents Trojan horse infection proactively
  • Built-in on-demand scanner lets you scan the entire system or perform a selective scan for the presence of malware on the computer and subsequently remove all found instances
  • Updatable malware definitions database ensures the up-to-date protection
  • Low system resources consumption, easy-to-use and intuitive interface
Tauscan Features
  • Tauscan is capable of detecting and removing more about 1000 Trojan Horses including modifications and variants from your system. That is more than any other application currently available.
  • The program scans your system's memory when it boots and will remove any Trojan viruses it finds there.
  • Its simple, but functional interface has been especially designed with novice users in mind. All the primary functions are accessible from the Toolbar and are easily accessible at any time.
  • Tauscan allows you to scan specific files and folders with just a simple right-click mouse. Just choose "Scan" from the menu and Tauscan does the rest!
  • Another unique feature of Tauscan allows you to scan a file or folder just by dragging and dropping the program's icon into the Folder window. This feature is particularly useful in order to scan an executable before you install it on your system. You can also right-click a file or folder and scan it that way too.
  • The Tau Monitor feature checks all running processes for the presence of a Trojan virus and even allows you to kill any process with just two mouse clicks.
  • The Context Help menu, Online Tour of our web site and the Interactive Tutorial were all designed to make Tauscan an effective yet simple tool for both novices and professional users alike.
  • The Wizard feature simplifies the setup and functionality of the program and guides you through the whole scanning process without any need on the user's part to be computer-literate.
  • The Tauscan team constantly monitors the Internet to discover new strains or completely new Trojans as they appear. Tauscan's "Update" feature also allows you to download the very latest updates to the program as well as the very latest virus definition files in order to combat each new threat as it appears. The program can use a variety of mirrors to download updates from and also supports proxy servers. Tauscan will even remind you when an update is due.
  • The advanced Trojan Analyzer allows the program to detect Trojan viruses even if they have been incorporated as an attachment. Rogue utilities such as Silk Rope, Joiner and TOP for example, allow a cracker or hacker to bind the Trojan to the installer in such a way that the Trojan will install even if the user decides to cancel the installation of the actual program.
  • Tauscan creates a log file of all scanning processes either as a plain text file, or in HTML format.
  • The scanning process can be suspended and resumed at any time. The user can also set the priority level so that the program works invisibly in the background while the user performs normal everyday tasks.
System Requirements
  • Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
  • Pentium 133 or faster
  • 10MB HardDisk space
  • 32MB RAM
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