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RegSpy is a windows registry utility that spies on registry changes made by a program you have selected. It can be very useful for you. RegSpy will help You to track all little changes in your system registry made by other programs.

With RegSpy, you can:
  • Make a quick Snapshot and Rollback of registry changes for a selected application.
  • See changes of the registry in a convenient and usual form (RegEdit like).
  • Spy on an application you select.
  • Perform a quick call to RegEdit for viewing the real registry keys state

Buy Now : $ 19.95 Download : 616 KB

This program has an important difference from other registry trackers. It tracks selected processes only . This doubles the advantage of using RegSpy because it:
  • Minimizes CPU usage

  • Decreases the possibility of a system fault. In the worst case only the RegSpy and/or the process tracked will be broken.

  • important difference are that RegSpy will show you the changes to the system registry in a convenient and informative format, like RegEdit.

  • RegSpy can save SnapShots of all registry changes tracked. The file will not be a lifeless curiosity of many megabytes in an unknown format. It will be a simple and complete file in JS or VB format. And, you can repeat all steps, performed or tracked by mouse click in Windows Explorer.
RegSpy uses features of standard Windows Script Host to serve to you. RegSpy saves SnapShots in JS or VB (you can select which ones). It gives you full control of the work. If necessary you can correct JS or VB files in Notepad or other text editor.

Note: Due to some limits of Windows Script Host values of the type REG_BIN will be saved in separate .REG-files and the script (JS or VB) will be linked with them.

RegSpy can build a special back-up script (RollBack) for the changes in registry for your chosen application. This unique feature will save you from having to back up the registry before using some programs

There are a lot of utilities that can do track changes, but RegSpy:
  • Creates compact, usable files. (It doesn't fill you hard drive with large files.)
  • Catches changes on-the-fly. (It will will save you agonizing and waiting for back-up creation to complete, comparing and finding of changes made.)
  • Performs an undo of changes made by selected program only. (Undo will not damage changes made by other applications or the system in that time. The script is transparent. You can see and edit it as any JS or VB file using by Notepad.)
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