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PC Lighthouse

PC Lighthouse provides:
  • Control - You decide what will run on your PC.

  • Information - Provides instantaneous and cumulative information on all running programs, including several key usage statistics

  • Security - Be aware of any spyware, adware, keyloggers and tracking threats on your PC.

PC Lighthouse allows you to:
  • View all running system and user programs.

  • Kill any program.

  • Block any programs from starting again.

  • Know the CPU, memory, and disk usage of each program.

  • Identify windows and modules running.

  • . . . more
Buy Now : $ 14.95 Download : 653 KB

Main Program List
  • Listing of all running programs: displays CPU, Memory Usage and Disk Usage.
  • Separated into Blocked Programs, User Programs, and System Programs.
  • Program List can be ranked according to user preference by any variable.
  • Context-sensitive actions activated by right-clicking running programs.
Program Information Pane
  • Detailed description of currently selected program, including information on the following:
  • CPU usage as a percentage of total CPU use.
  • Memory usage measured in kilobytes.
  • Disk usage measured in kilobytes.
  • Program identification number.
  • Program path.
  • Manual manipulation of windows, including locking to foreground, hiding, minimizing, maximizing.
  • Information on program modules, including module name and module path
System Program Statistics
  • Detailed System Information, including the following:
  • Accumulated CPU Usage by all running programs.
  • Memory Usage by running programs since PC Lighthouse startup.
  • Disk usage by programs.
Terminating and Blocking Programs
  • PC Lighthouse permits the termination and blocking of any running program.
  • Two-stage attempt at termination (first attempting a soft shut-down, then, if unsuccessful, a hard kill).
  • Any program may be blocked from running again; PC Lighthouse must be running.
  • The Main Program List displays Blocked Programs at the top (if chosen from the Settings menu).
  • Terminate and Block either from the context-sensitive right-click menu or dedicated buttons.
  • Block List displays blocked program's path, the date program was first blocked, and the number of times PC Lighthouse has blocked it.
  • UnBlock programs from either the Program List or from the Block List.
System Info
  • Detailed System Information, including the following:
  • Current CPU Load.
  • Number of Programs running.
  • Memory load, and memory available.
  • Disk reads and writes since PC Lighthouse startup.
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