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XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager 2.0

Help you to easily manage program execution at windows startup

Buy Now : $ 19.95

Download : 658 MB
XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager helps you to easily manage program execution at windows startup. XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager is used to administer the programs executing on startup and the files to be loaded at start up.

With XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager one can easily add programs which one wish to run once or every time the system starts.

Programs added to the startup folder can be easily viewed or removed by any one but XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager provides you tool by which you not only can add programs in the startup folder but also in the Windows Registry and WIN.INI file.

Adding programs to the Registry and WIN.INI file protects the program.

It has a explorer like interface which displays all the registry folders on the left in a list view.

XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager provide you with four options to make a program run at windows startup:
  • Startup Folder
  • Registry
  • Win.Ini
  • UserInit
Startup Folder:
Under this option just specify a program and the startup manager will add that program in the startup folder of windows. This folder contains those programs which will be executed automatically when your system starts.

You can see the list of startup programs in Start - > Programs - > Startup.

XP Startup Cleaner&Autorun Manager provides you with the option to apply the settings for all the users of the system or just to the currently logged user.

All Users

Settings made under the All users group will apply to all users of your system. The programs specified here will start on windows startup for all the users of your system that is once you add or remove any program from the All Users group it will affect all user accounts of your system.

Current User

Settings made under the Current User group will apply to the currently logged on user. The programs selected under this heading will start on windows startup for currently logged user.
This option allows you to add the program entries to windows registry. The applications added to registry will also execute upon the start up but you can edit them through registry only. They will not be available in the Start - > Programs - > Startup. Here also you can specify the entries for current user or for all users of the system.

All Users

Run: The programs specified here will be executed always upon startup.

Run Once: The program you specify here will execute only once i.e. when you add them and restart the computer for the first but not after that.

Run Services: Specify the services of windows which you wish to execute.

Run Services Once: Specify those services which you wish to execute only once i.e. just for once when you restart computer after specifying the service.

Current User

Run: Specify those programs which you wish to execute on startup for the currently logged.

Run Once: Specify those programs which you wish to execute on startup only once for the user account currently logged.
Win.ini is a system file of Windows which executes automatically on startup i.e. it is a boot file.


Specify the applications which you wish to be in memory throughout the system run..


Specify the applications which you wish to execute along with Win.ini .
System Requiremnets:
  • Windows 7, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista
  • Pentium II Internet Explorer 5.0
  • 128 MB RAM
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