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WebMail Spy 3.2

Web Based E-mail Recording Software!
WebMail Spy is the best selling, widely known internet e-mail recording software available on the market today - offering three integrated e-mail recording tools in one easy to use package. WebMail Spy allows you to record ALL e-mail sent and received on your computer - bar none! With WebMail Spy's advanced, foolproof and secure monitoring system, all e-mail sent via OutLook, OutLook Express, Eudora, Netscape (to name a few) will be recorded. On top of that, WebMail Spy will also record all Incoming AND Outgoing e-mail (POP3/SMTP e-mail's), ALL America Online e-mail's, and ALL web based e-mail - for services such as HotMail, Yahoo!Mail, mail2web, and many more.With WebMail Spy's advanced e-mail recording functionality, you can rest assured that ALL e-mail sent, received, and viewed will be recorded.

Aside from WebMail Spy's unbeatable monitoring capabilities, WebMail Spy offers an advanced security backbone that prevents users from tampering with the software. WebMail Spy also contains powerful reporting and e-mail filtering options - allowing you to efficiently and effectively record, review, and analyze e-mail's.

Buy Now : $ 49.99 Download : 1.30 MB

EMail Spy & Recording Features
  • POP3/SMTP E-Mail - WebMail Spy will record ALL e-mail's that are POP3/SMTP based. This includes all e-mail's within OutLook, Outlook Express, Eudora, and more!

  • America Online E-Mail - WebMail Spy will record ALL e-mail's that are sent and received within America Online 8.0 and above (including America Online 8.0, America Online 9.0, and America Online 9.0 Optimized!).

  • Web Based E-Mail - WebMail Spy will record and save ALL e-mail's from web based e-mail services. This includes, but is not limited to all of the following:

    • MSN HotMail
    • Yahoo! Mail
    • America Online 4.0-9.0 Mail
    • AOL WebMail
    • Excite Mail
    • ICQ Mail
    • Netscape Mail
    • MailStar
    • GO Mail
    • FreeMail
    • ActivatorMail
    • eKidz Mail
    • Anime Junction
    • Canada E-Mail
    • Adoption Mail
General & Security Features
  • Secure Stealth Mode - WebMail Spy runs in complete, hidden stealth mode. The user of the machine will NOT be able to locate or tamper with WebMail Spy while it is actively monitoring.

  • Windows NT/2000/XP Concealment - WebMail Spy now includes the powerful technology introduced by ExploreAnywhere Software to hide the application exe from the Process tab (inside the Ctrl+Alt+Del menu).

  • Task Manager Disabling - Disable the user from accessing the Windows Task Manager while WebMail Spy is recording e-mail!

  • Safe Mode Disabling - Prevent the user from entering in Safe Mode (in an attempt to bypass the WebMail Spy system) when turning on the PC.

  • Disable Startup Program Overriding - Disable the hotkey that allows users to bypass startup applications (such as WebMail Spy) when Windows boots up!

  • Automatic Windows Startup - Configure WebMail Spy to startup for a single user, or to start up as a service for all users on the system - perfect for monitoring multiple users of a PC.

  • Automatic Active Startup - Automatically begin recording e-mail as soon as your computer starts up.

  • Password Protection - WebMail Spy is password protected to prevent others from starting/stopping the e-mail recording process, as well as changing WebMail Spy configuration settings.

  • Customizable Stealth Hot Key - For extra security and total concealment, WebMail Spy allows you to manually configure the stealth mode hotkey to your liking (see Stealth Capabilities above for more information).
E-mail Viewing Features
  • Internal E-Mail Viewer - WebMail Spy offers a power, internal e-mail viewing dialog for viewing ALL recorded e-mail's. This prevents traces of e-mails from being found elsewhere on your computer.

  • E-Mail Viewing / Sorting - For increased productivity, WebMail Spy's internal mail indexing window can easily sort through recorded e-mail's by their content/flag status, by recipient, and by sender. Reviewing e-mail's has never been easier!

  • E-Mail Exporting and Saving - Easily and effortlessly export all recorded e-mail's as HTML or EML documents for later viewing.

  • E-Mail Searching - Quickly search all the recorded e-mail messages for specific content, phrases, or keywords.
WebMail Spy Filtering Features
  • Customizable User Startup - Create and manage a list of users on your computer that you wish to monitor - all other users will not be monitored.

  • E-Mail Filtering - Create and manage unique lists of subjects, senders, recipients, and body content that you do not want WebMail Spy to record when it is secretly recording e-mail.

  • E-Mail Flagging - WebMail Spy offers a unique flagging system that will seamlessly flag e-mail messages that you may deem"inappropriate". All flagged messages are "marked" differently - thus allowing you to narrow down e-mail's by their content.
Special Features
  • Database AutoUpdate - Instantly synchronize your database with the WebMail Spy Central Server. This allows you to keep up to date with supported web mail clients, as well as gain support for new web based e-mail services as they become available.

  • Customizable Log Location - Easily configure the location where logs are stored - perfectly for storing files remotely on a network drive!

  • Inactivity Time-out - Automatically suspend WebMail Spy from recording e-mail if the machine is inactive for a specified amount of time.

  • Automatic Log Maintenance - WebMail Spy can automatically maintain and moderate recorded data by deleting and replacing old/outdated recorded e-mail's once a maximum amount of e-mail's have been recorded. Perfect for computers with low disk space.

  • Thread Priority - Adjust WebMail Spy to adapt to your system. Using the built in Thread Priority utility, you can make WebMail Spy run as fast as you need it to depending on your systems specifications.
... And more!
  • User Friendly Interface - WebMail Spy contains an extremely easy-to-understand graphical user interface, with intuitively placed dialogs, allowing you to familiarize yourself with the software in no time!

  • Helpful Documentation - WebMail Spy comes equipped with a powerful Users Guide, which can be easily be printed out for later viewing.

  • 24/7 Technical Support - With your purchase comes a guarantee of technical support from our around-the-clock online technical support team.
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