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SpyFighter Cleaner Pro 3.0

Removes all unwanted spyware from your pc
SpyFighter Cleaner Pro consists of two very powerful software modules that will take care of the security of your computer and safety of your private information.

One is a powerful tool for a removal of spyware, adware, toolbars, internal popup programs, dialers and other sorts of “malware”, another is an advanced Internet Washer with a PC Cleaner that will take care of fast and reliable cleaning of the information left behind by Windows, like:

Internet Washer :cache, cookies, history, mail trash, drop-down address bar, auto-complete forms, downloaded program files

PC Cleaner: Windows Application logs, Windows Recycle Bin, Windows Registry Backups Windows Clipboard Data, Windows run and find history, Recently opened documents list, Windows temp files folder

Buy Now : $ 29.95 Download : 5.23 MB

What SpyFighter does?
  • SpyFighter detects and removes adware, toolbars, internal popup programs, dialers, and so on – so you can surf faster and more comfortably.

  • SpyFighter removes spyware – different key loggers, (the programs that record your keystrokes and later send them to their owners), and all sorts of data harvesters – SpyFighter protects your personal information from being stolen by hackers and computer criminals.

  • SpyFighter removes browser hijackers that change your default home page or search page – so you won't see a shady start page every time you launch your Internet Explorer.

  • SpyFighter removes the largest number of adware/spyware – I can assure you that no other spyware remover on the market can even get close to the number of malicious programs SpyFighter detects and gets rid of. So, you can clean your system from more junk software than would be possible with any other remover.

  • SpyFighter updates it’s internal database of spyware and adware automatically, always keeping it fresh - you won’t be surprised by any new hackers tricks – SpyFighter will be up to date and ready to search and destroy

  • SpyFighter cleans browser’s history, temporary files, cookies, auto complete form’s data, and manually entered addresses – so you can surf with confidence knowing that your web trails are well covered.

  • Free spyware/adware database updates for life – yes, unlike many other companies, we don't charge money for database updates! They are yours, absolutely free, forever!

  • Free lifetime updates of software itself – you always get the most powerful, most up to date version of SpyFighter . And believe me, it is worth having the latest version, as more and more exciting new features get included all the time!

  • SpyFighter utilizes a revolutionary search and destroy algorithm (patent pending) – so you can get rid of junk programs faster, easier, and more safely!

  • 24x7 technical support to help you if you need help (although SpyFighter is extremely easy to use).

  • And yes, SpyFighter runs under Windows 7, 2000, Vista, XP and XP Pro.
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