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Remote Performance Observer 3.5

Powerfull and usable monitoring and diagnostic tool for network computers performance optimization.

Buy Now : $ 49.00

Download : 2.54 MB
Remote Performance Observer is a distributed client/server system intended to provide detailed system information on computers in a network. It performs real-time monitoring of system-critical parameters making it possible to diagnose existing and potential bottlenecks on Windows 2000/XP computers.

The system performs customizable diagnostics of the network computers revealing and explaining the existing performance bottlenecks. Moreover, it recommends the operator any possible solutions.

Remote Performance Observer enables you to control all system aspects of the remote machines of your network. It provides you with information on computer's resources usage, running processes, active services and much more. It's possible to set powerful and flexible alarms to be warned as early as possible if any parameters of a remote system are out of their normal range.

Major system capabilities:

Remotely collecting data on:
  • Machines' resources usage (Memory, Processor, Hard Drive, Network Adapter, etc.)
  • Current services and protocols states on the machine (Web Service, Indexing Service, IP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, SMTP, etc.)
  • OS critical parameters (Paging File, Running Processes, etc.)
  • Running processes information (Processor Usage, Memory Consumption, Threads, Priority, etc.)
Setting remote expert diagnosis on:
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Hard Drive
  • Network Components
Maintaining alarms with:
  • Logging to a file
  • Playing sounds
  • Sending e-mails
  • Local and remote program execution
  • Sending messages to the machines
Visualizing data in the following ways:
  • As inventory list
  • As data series on the graph
  • As statistical report
  • As indicators (bar, gradient and scale)
  • As status-bar agent
Sending short messages to the users of the stations in a network.
Making screen shots of remote desktops.
Performing remote administration tasks:
  • Running programs
  • Locking machines
The system consists of two parts:
  • Light RPO Data Servers
    They are responsible for real-time data collection and should be installed on the machines which are monitored.

  • RPO Client
    It receives the data from the servers and is responsible for the visualization/processing of the information acquired.
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