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Recovery Software

KRyLack Password Recovery
KRyLack Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to files of the following types:ZIP, RAR and ACE archives.
More Details...
Excel Password Recovery
Excel Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Excel 2003/XP/Vista/2000 documents protected with password for open.The program supports the "brute-force" attack, dictionary-based attack and dramatically fastest "Booost-Up" attack.More Details...
Outlook Express Password Recovery
Outlook Express Password Recovery is a program to recover the server name, login and lost password for e-mail accounts and Outlook Express Identities. All passwords are recovered instantly regardless of length (including the multilingual passwords). More Details...
Visual ZIP Password Recovery Processor
Visual ZIP Password Recovery Processor Allows you to block access to files, folders, disks, applications, Web, Control Panel modules, IE parameters, Desktop, Start menu and much more. Multi-user and multi-profile support. Built-in scheduler. Event logging. Stealth-mode support. More Details...
Word Password Recovery
Word Password Recovery is a program that recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Word documents or templates. The program recovers all types of passwords, including instant recovery of document protection and passwords to modify. More Details...
Office Password Recovery
Office Password Recovery is an "all-in-one" solution for recovering all types of lost or forgotten passwords for Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, PowerPoint presentations, OneNote notebooks and Outlook e-mail accounts and personal folders files.More Details...
PowerPoint Password Recovery
PowerPoint Password Recovery is a program that allows recovery of lost or forgotten passwords required to open or modify password-protected Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. The program supports all versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, including 2003.More Details...
Access Password Recovery Pro
Access Password Recovery Pro instantly recovers lost or forgotten passwords to all types of database protection, including passwords to open and user-level workgroup passwords. The program supports all versions and database formats of Microsoft Access, including 2003.More Details...
OneNote Password Recovery
OneNote Password Recovery recovers lost or forgotten passwords of all types, including passwords to open Microsoft OneNote notebooks. The program supports all versions of Microsoft OneNote, including 2003.More Details...
Flash File Recovery
Flash File Recovery is a nifty application that every photographer should be aware of. Essentially, it can recover any previously deleted image file. Plus, it is capable of salvaging pictures from damaged or corrupted flash drives (including camera's built-in memory) and memory sticks.More Details...
PST Password Recovery
PST Password Recovery is a program to recover lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Outlook .pst personal folders files. All versions of Microsoft Outlook are supported. Multilingual passwords are supported.More Details...
MDB Password Recovery
MDB Password Recovery is a necessary tool for every system administrator as it allows monitoring and auditing security, database integrity and protection and presents all the needed information in clear reports.More Details...
Password Reminder
Password Reminder All you need to do to recover a password is just drag the magnifying glass from Password Reminder over the "****" field.It can reveal almost any password in Windows--IE Password,Administrator Password in 7/2000,Cache Password in Vista/XP etc.More Details...
Handy Recovery
Handy Recovery is a data recovery software designed to restore files deleted due to virus attacks, software faults, power failures or disk formatting. The program runs under Windows 7/2000/XP/2003/Vista and supports FAT 12/16/32, NTFS and NTFS 5 file systems. More Details...
VBA Password Recovery
VBA Password Recovery recovers passwords for Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects source code. VBA components are used by programs like Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Access. MS Office Vista, 2000-7, and XP files are supported in this version. More Details...
Windows 2000/XP Password Recovery
Windows 2000/XP Password Recovery instantly decrypts and recovers the password to the user currently logged into Windows. Works on all versions of Windows 7, 2000, Windows XP Home and Professional editions. More Details...

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