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Excel Password Recovery 2.0

Excel Password Recovery is a program that recovers lost or forgotten passwords for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. The program recovers all types of passwords, including instant recovery of passwords to modify, workbook passwords, sheet protection and shared workbook passwords. The program supports all versions of Microsoft Excel, including Win7.

Excel Password Recovery instantly recovers passwords for the worksheets protection, editing and formatting restrictions, including instant recovery of passwords to open if weak encryption was used. The interface is simple and easy to understand, yet the functionality and the set of features are truly immense.

Buy Now : $ 29.95 Download : 1.47 MB

  • Instant recovery of Microsoft Excel workbook, book and spreadsheet passwords regardless of their length and complexity (*.xls, *.xlw).
  • Instant recovery of locked cells protection, formatting and editing restrictions (cells, columns and rows).
  • Excel Password Recovery instantly recovers shared workbooks protection and read only permissions.
  • Built-in efficient attack profiles that allow you to recover passwords with a single key press.
  • Comprehensive approach to recovering Microsoft Excel (*.xls, *.xla, *.xlt, *.xlm) file-opening passwords, which allows simple attacks such as BruteForce, SmartSearch and dictionary-based, as well as complex approaches combining several types of attacks.
  • A number of unique features, such as accounting for possible typos when typing the passwords for the given keyboard layout.
  • Recovers passwords in any language (Unicode support) and multilanguage passwords (e.g. containing both Latin characters and hieroglyphs).
  • The password to open a document will be recovered instantly if it was protected using weak encryption. This includes Microsoft Excel 2000 (and older) workbooks, MS Excel 2000-2003 (on a computers with French regional settings) and Microsoft Excel 2003/2002/XP/Vista/7 spreadsheets if the Weak Encryption (XOR) was used.
  • Excel Password Recovery supports all versions of Microsoft Excel, including MS Excel 2.0, 3.0 and MS Excel 4.0, MS Excel 95 (5.0), Microsoft Excel xp, 2000, Microsoft Excel Vista (XP) and MS Excel 2003.
  • Support for simultaneous processing of several password recovery projects. Several attacks (using different attack profiles) can be conducted on one file simultaneously.
  • Autosave feature eliminates the need to watch the password recovery process, and will restore the work after a system crash.
  • Support for multiprocessor systems, with heuristic load distribution.
  • Comprehensive help file, context help.
  • Technical support is provided by highly qualified specialists.
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