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Nitrous Anti Spy

Nitrous Anti Spy is your single solution to preventing and protecting your personal computer from any malicious attack! With new highly advanced techniques of Trojan and spyware detection, along with the ability to sense malicious attacks on your computer, your computer is an impenetrable fortress of Internet solitude. Anti Spy also gives you the power to locate and remove spyware from your system!

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Anti Spy's features:
  • Easy to use interface.
  • Easy way to select what type of scans (deep search or standard).
  • Simple installation and a fully customizable scan list.
  • Ability to add specific files one at a time or an entire directory at a time.
  • Ability to remove certain files that you do not wish to scan.
  • Ability to add recommended files or even all files.
  • Displays how many files are in the scanning queue.
  • Displays how many infected files were found.
  • Displays the size of each file as it is scanned.
  • Displays the progress of each file as well as the overall scanning process.
  • Ability to delete, mark as read-only, mark as read/write access to files.
Special Added Features:
  • Includes an Internet Firewall/Port Monitor.
  • Includes a Spyware Detector
  • Includes a Registry Scanner.
  • Includes a Start up file scanner.
Special Added Features:
  • Includes an Internet Firewall/Port Monitor.
  • Includes a Spyware Detector
  • Includes a Registry Scanner.
  • Includes a Start up file scanner.
System Task Monitor:
  • Monitors all programs running, giving the file location.
  • Displays all program windows and DLL threads in use by the Windows.
  • Ability to close the selected window and or program.
  • Ability to scan the selected program.
System INI Scans:
  • Ability to scan your INI files that are used during start up.
  • Ability to clean the INI files to see if they contain any infected files.
Other bonus features:
  • Our interactive tutorial will show you the ropes of our software with ease! Screen shots of Nitrous Anti Spy along with documentation on how to effectively use the software is also included.
  • Displays the number of viruses/Trojans detected.
  • Displays information about the keywords used in virus/spyware detection.
  • Scan Code for Standard Search has been upgraded to 6x faster than original.
  • Deep Search converted from the original standard search.
  • Detailed File Progress window.
    Even easier to use interface.
  • Professional update feature, including BUILD checking to ensure you have the latest software version.
  • New database code.
  • More spyware and trojan definitions.
  • Memory Scanner upgraded.
  • Spyware Scanner upgraded.
System Requiremnets:
  • Windows 7/XP/Vista/2000
  • 5 MB Disk Space
  • Pentium or AMD CPU 166Mhz and higher.
  • 16 Megs of RAM
  • Internet Connection
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