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DiskMonitor is an application that monitors your computer's local drives. It shows free, used and available disk space, disk capacity and additional drive information. Moreover, it monitors your hard drives in real-time and create logs containing detailed reports about any changes that occur on your file drives.

Whenever a file is created, renamed, accessed, modified or deleted, the event is recorded by DiskMonitor. This makes it an unvaluable tool both for the casual users and for the advanced system administrators. Just imagine that you can instantly find out exactly what files are used by an installation process, what files accesses are slowing down your computer at a certain moment or even what files are being opened while you're away from your computer!.

Buy Now : $ 19.95 Download : 1.34 MB

Top reasons to use DiskMonitor
  • Find when your files were modified - Are you searching for deleted files or files that have been removed, copied to a folder? DiskMonitor makes easier for you to find your answer.

  • Programs installation - Find what traces leave on your computer any new programs installtion. Install any application and DiskMonitor will report all files copied to your hard drive.

  • Synchronize two folders - Maybe you want to backup all files that have been modified/created in a certain frame time. Find which files match your criteria using DiskMonitor.

  • Protect your information - Most of the programs fail if the disk space is low. Free up some space before is too late, because you might lose important information.

  • Use it on your server - If you run any kind of Windows server and you want to make sure there is enough space on your server for all your customers use DiskMonitor and it will notify you each time you should add a new storage disk or free up some space.

  • Forgot where have you copied a file ? - Locate the file using the DiskMonitor's reports dialog.
Main DiskMonitor features
  • Real-time disks monitoring - DiskMonitor is able to real-time monitor your disks. No need to create snapshots of your disks, operatin that usually takes minutes.

  • Detailed reports - Detailed reports on files created, deleted, modified or renamed during the last week or on any day of the last seven days.

  • Advanced notification features - DiskMonitor provides several notification methods - you can choose to be announced by a message box or an alert sound when the occupied/available diskspace on a hard drives reach a certain value.

  • Run external tools - DiskMonitor can also open an external application when disks space value matches the condition you entered. If you're away from your computer, you can choose to receive an e-mail or a net message. You can specify minimum or maximum free/occupied space values as triggers for notifications.

  • Display disks information - DiskMonitor displays selected disks usage information. You can customize which disks and information you want to view in the disk's usage window.
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