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WinShredder 2.0

Powerful privacy software to erase online Internet tracks and program activity!
WinShredder permanently and easily deletes all of the following file types, and more never to be restored again!
  • deleted files
  • chat transcripts
  • audio and video files
  • temporary internet files
  • image files (all formats)
  • clipboard data
  • search histories
  • passwords
  • internet history
  • cookies

Buy Now : $ 29.99 Download: 8.34 MB

Why do you need WinShredder?
Because your Windows Recycle bin only deletes the file that you see ... not the actual data on your harddrive. However, until the file location on your hard disk is overwritten many times, the files can be completely recovered using many available computer programs, or even simple computer commands. Deleted files are the first thing hackers, privacy thiefs, and other computer experts look for when they are trying to recover sensitive information from your computer or discarded disks. Employers routinely search for 'deleted' files to discover information about employees.
WinShredder Product Benefits:
  • Unlimited Shredding
    Most competitor products limit the user to only 1, or to a fixed number of data wipes when shredding. WinShredder permits an UNLIMITED number of data wipes. Want to shred that file 10000 times? No problem!

  • Unlimited 'Do Not Shred' Folder Locations
    A serious flaw in most competitor products is the inability to protect important folders from accidental shredding. This disastrous problem is solved with WinShredder. WinShredder permits an unlimited number of 'Do Not Shred' folder locations to be defined, protecting them from accidental shredding.

  • Drag and Drop to the Desktop Trashcan
    WinShredder supports all Windows drag and drop features. You can Shred files or folders simply by dragging them to the desktop WinShredder Trashcan.

  • True Windows Explorer Integration (Right mouse-click menu integration)
    WinShredder integrates with all versions of the Windows operating system and appears as a new 'Delete with WinShredder' menu option, complete with icon, when right mouse-clicking on a file or folder.

  • Optional Instant Shredding
    Turn on the 'Instant Shred' option and you can start the shred process instantly just by dragging files to the desktop WinShredder trash can.

  • No 'lock-ups' while Shredding
    Many competitor products lock up your computer while they are shredding files. While they are shredding files, you cannot move your mouse or open another program, or, your mouse is jerky and intermittent. Not WinShredder! You can continue to work while shredding is underway, seamlessly and smoothly.
System Requirements:
  • Windows 7/2000/ME/XP/Vista
  • 128 MB Ram (32 MB recommended)
  • 8 MB hard disk space
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