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Clean all traces of your PC and Internet activity and improve system performance.
<< Erase Internet surfing information
<< Prevent identity theft
<< Boost system performance
<< Increase your computer's response time
<< Automated cleaning action
<< Free plugins and automatic updates

Buy Now : $ 39.95 Download : 802 KB

Why SureClean Professional?

SureClean is the ONLY privacy product that works with ALL Web browsers and ALL Internet connections!

Wipe away online and offline activity and boost system performance, automatically.
  • Did you know that your index.dat file can take a big chunk out of your hard-drive space and also slow down your computers speed and response time?

  • Cache files from each and every browser you use are automatically stored by your computer. These files can get too full and drain your system resources.

  • As you surf the Web, pictures and text are stored on your hard drive, creating a mirror image of your surfing habits.

  • Your online activity can be traced through browser cache, cookies and history.

  • System and application software also stores information that could compromise your privacy.

  • Every Web page, picture, movie, video, sound and email message you have ever opened on your PC could easily be recovered - even many years later - and used to steal your identity.
Turn your PC into an automated privacy machine.
  • Make it impossible for anyone to profile or track your computer use.

  • Prevent business data, credit card information or personal information from being recovered by hackers.

  • Save hard disk space and improve your computer's performance.

  • Periodically destroy evidence of computer use and Web tracks.

  • Quickly and professionally deep clean 'sensitive material' on your computer, leaving you with a clean computer, a clean conscience and instant peace of mind.
Key Features
  • Secure Clean PC History - Safely remove sensitive files and data, including index.dat and other files that are locked by the Windows operating system. Permanently delete search history from Google, Yahoo and MSN search engines. Permanently delete cookies, cached files stored in your Temporary Internet Files folder, browser history and URL history.

  • Secure Clean Files and Folders - Safely and securely clean a folder, and all of its contents, or a single file with the built-in Windows right-click menu option. Secure cleaning permanently overwrites these files, rendering them unrecoverable, even with unerase utilities.

  • CookieKeeper - Use CookieKeeper to keep the login and Internet cookies you want and discard the rest.

  • Quick Privacy Report - SureClean can run a Personal Privacy Report to reveal exactly what history and tracking information is residing on your hard drive, to help you decide how often you need to secure clean your computer, so you don't waste valuble system resources on unnecessary cleaning tasks.

  • Built-in safeguards - Prevention against accidentally removing important files. When you attempt to clean files located in important folders such as (system folders, My Documents, etc.), SureClean will warn you to any potential danger of lost data and prompt you with a confirmation before proceeding with the task.

  • Automatic Updates - Keep your product current with FREE automatic updates, powered by Panicware's patent-pending XA (eXtensible Architecture) technology.

  • Automated cleaning action - Set SureClean to clean your computer when YOU want, at any interval.

  • Recycle Bin - Get a desktop recycle bin you can trust. The SureClean desktop recycle bin can temporarily store deleted files or destroy them immediately.

  • Plug-ins - Download FREE plug-ins to clean recently viewed movies, pictures and more for all your favorite programs.

  • Easy-to-use - Access all major functions using a convenient system tray icon.

  • AutoStart - Automatically start SureClean when Windows starts for immediate availability.
SureClean is the ultimate user-friendly technology for the security-conscious surfer. If you use just one privacy program on your PC - make it SureClean!

System Requiremnets:
  • Platform Support: Windows 7, 2000, Vista, XP
  • Browser Support: AOL, MSN, Internet Explorer 5.0 and above, Netscape 4.x, 6.x, 7.x, Opera 6.x - 7.x, SBC Yahoo, WMConnect, CompuServe, Juno, NetZero, Mozilla
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