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eScan Internet Security Suite

Complete Antivirus and Content Security Solution for your computer

Buy Now : $ 25.00

Download : 29.3 MB
eScan Internet Security Suite is a complete security suite which provides essential protection against viruses, objectionable content, hackers and privacy threats.
  • Real Time Virus Scanning of your computer, includes scanning of emails and websites.
  • Real Time Content Scanning of all emails and websites.
  • Parental Control - can be setup to block websites not suitable for children or restrict viewing of the website based on the content.
  • POP Up Filter - Can be setup to block POP UP Ads.
  • Privacy Control, where Internet history files will be cleaned at regular intervals.
  • Remote Access File Rights, restriction of creation & modification of specific file types in a user specified folder.
  • AntiSpamming - Can be setup to stop SPAM email.
  • Automatic Hourly Internet Updation.
  • NetBIOS Firewall.

Key Features:
  • Web Scan and Parental Control
    eScan Content administrator feature of eScan, allows you to monitor and administer Internet traffic flowing into or out of your system. You can set security policies to: check e-mail traffic for specific words or phrases like xxx, naked, etc.; prohibit or allow: exchange of specific attachment types, enable their auto compression, send warning messages to sender, receiver or others when the security policies are violated. A very important feature is block and allow access to specific sites or pages with restricted words...

  • Real time e-mail scanning and Spam killer
    eScan has unique features that perform Real-Time MWL scanning. Some tasks it performs are: scan incoming POP3 e-mail and outgoing SMTP e-mail, attachment scanning as they are run, automatic deletion of worms, scan BAT/Graphic/Plain text attachments and BIN-HEX files, scan GZIP/Stuffit and other archive attachments, pdf/executable and screen saver files, etc...

  • Web Washer/Privacy Protection
    Privacy is important to an individual. You may often visit sites that you do not wish others to know about. These may be job sites; on-line shopping sites, where you have shopped with your credit card, matrimonial sites, etc. As you surf the net, download files, open and close local files, the actions are stored in your hard drives. Manually deleting files, emptying the Internet cache, or deleting files, etc. is not very effective as there are tools that recover the deleted files...

  • PopUp Filter (Ad Blocker)
    A PopUp is an Ad or unsolicited information that appears on the accessed page and then in a separate PopUp window when you request for more information or inadvertently click on them. PopUps are exasperating and may not be relevant to your work. Besides consuming bandwidth, you waste browsing time in chasing and closing them. They offer a cheap way for companies to advertise their products...

  • Virus Scanning
    eScan has a highly advanced virus scan engine that uses a combination of heuristic and reference scanning to detect and remove over over 1,20,000 known and unknown viruses. It is built on the MWL technology. It has a vast virus signature repository and almost all known viruses are detected. eScan scans all file types...

  • Additional Features
    eScan has many new features that offer optimal control over virus scanning and content security related activity. Some of them are: remote access file rights, where you can allow or bar specific files from being created or modified by remote users in your network; automatic download of Anti-Virus updates and auto mailing of notifications to users...

  • eScan Management Console
    eScan Management Console (eServ), functions as a centralized server that allows you to remote install, distribute updates and upgrades to all machines in your network, using eScan products. In a large corporate network environment, you can significantly reduce the costs and the Internet traffic by setting up a centralized updating structure. You don't have to download updates, deploy license keys or assign security policies for individual machines but can assign a central server and then effect deployment to individual machines...
System Requirements:

  • Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000
  • Pentium II 200 Mhz
  • 256 MB (512 MB recommended)
  • 800 X 600 or higher resolution.
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 & above
  • 300 MB of Free Space
  • CD-ROM Drive Also supports AMD / Cyrix Processors

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