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Jammer and Tauscan bundle

Jammer and Tauscan work togethe. Jammer gives you a cyber fortress and Tauscan is the police force within that fortress.

Jammer builds your fortress by constantly monitoring your Internet connection much like the typical firewall. The only way a malicious program can get through Jammer is if you open the fortress gate. Trojan Horses get their name from the Greek "gift" used to gain entrance to the besieged Troy.

Modern Trojan horses are programs that look useful, but are just a way to access the files on a person's computer. Tauscan acts as a second line of defense by detecting and removing any Trojans that you have unknowingly accepted.

These two applications work hand in hand. Jammer builds a cyber fortress and Tauscan polices it. You are protected in the relatively hostile world of the Internet and while working off-line.

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